Allenford Drive "Floating" Roadway

From Hammontree & Associates Newsletter

Hammontree & Associates completed the survey and design plans for the correction of a slope failure on 40 feet of Allenford drive. Allenford Drive had experienced movement since the 1970's due to extremely wet organic and unstable underlying soils. This resulted in tension cracks along the centerline and southbound lane and side slope failures. This roadway was a maintenance headache for Canton Township road crews who were constantly patching and paving the lanes to keep the roadway open. Safety concerns eventually led the Township to close the road to through traffic.

Hammontree & Associates, with geotechnical assistance from J & L Laboratories, developed plans that replaced a portion of the in-situ soils using creative design and a state-of-the-art material consisting of lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam. The geofoam's low density (approximately one pound per cubic foot) removed weight burden from the failing slope and increased the factor of safety.

The project was awarded to JD Mining. Due to the ease of construction using the geofoam and cooperation from the weather, the project as completed in very short time frame. Construction began on October 23, 2006 and was completed by November 30, 2006. Hammontree & Associates also provided the construction observation for the project.

Canton Township Road Superintendent, Dave Robertson proclaimed,"My road crew and the residents are very happy with the improvement. Hammontree engineers were able to quickly provide a unique and innovative solution to a long term nagging safety and maintenance issue. "We are actively marketing this design solution to agencies within the hilly regions of southeast Ohio, West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania.

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