About Tucson

The Tucson, Inc. construction company has been involved in a wide variety of projects over the years. We have a list of satisfied customers with successful projects across the country. 

We have always felt the best contracts are the ones which are fair to both sides – contracts which establish a non-adversarial, cooperative working arrangement. Our goal is always repeat business. And, that requires high quality materials and workmanship, open communication, honesty, professionalism and a continuous focus on the big picture while sweating the details. And, we are committed to leadership in energy and environmental design.

Everyone knows that few projects go exactly according to plan – you have to adjust to change orders, weather conditions and be prepared for the occasional surprise. So, we bring a sense of flexibility and adaptability to every project. It’s all about project control. If you are well prepared, have done your homework, and bring a sense of creativity and ingenuity to a project, you have a better chance of staying on time and within budget.

We are an Ohio Department of Transportation pre-qualified construction organization. We are compliant with both MSHA and OSHA, and are also drug-free workplace compliant.